Bespoke Development


Fit-For-Purpose Software Developed To Your Specifications

The developers at RhinoIT don’t just write the code to give you the functionality you’ve asked for, they develop intelligent software designed for an “always on” world.  The way businesses & customers interact is continually evolving, users are always looking for new & exciting app experiences.  Our experience & expertise allows us to provide innovative business tools alongside engaging consumer apps.

Solutions That Grow With Your Requirements

Don’t allow the functionality you offer to your users to be restricted by off-the-shelf generic solutions

Building a custom application can feel like a big commitment.  Here at RhinoIT, we’re here to guide you through our bespoke development process with a team who will also provide strategic guidance to ensure the end solution meets all your business goals, before; during & after you’ve gone live.

Take the first step towards revolutionising your Business Intelligence


Your solution needs to support your business, we’ll help you plan a strategic approach to your project & work with you to define your key goals


Around 3 months after your app has gone live, we’ll perform a joint performance review, evaluating the apps success against your initial goals and interpreting user analytics to identify any enhancements that can be made


Traditionally, testing is done post development.  We test throughout the development process, enhancing code quality and consistency


During discovery, we delve a little deeper into your concept, for example, looking at data sources required by your application & what insights can be gained from how your app is utilised

User Experiance (UX) Design

Using wireframes, we’ll go through each screen of the application in a workshop, giving you the chance to provide feedback & ensure each screen functions as required

User Interface (UI) Design

Using your guidelines, we’ll ensure brand continuity throughout the application & send you a few key screens to approve.  Once you’ve approved the initial screens, we’ll continue the design process through the rest of the app