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What is data preparation?

You may have heard the abbreviation ETL (Extract, Transform & Load. Data is extracted from multiple sources, transformed through normalisation & cleansing, removing and duplicates & filling any incomplete data, and finally loading into a single source sometimes referred to as a data warehouse. Business Intelligence analysts can then use this single data source to provide insights through reports and dashboards.

Why is it important?

Data, in it's generic term, is becoming increasingly complex. Inconsistencies & low data quality compound this issue, making traditional data mining and analysis slow & unreliable. The decision makers in your business need to have confidence in the insights they use to make those decisions but also, the analysts providing those insights need confidence in the data they are reporting against. When data sources are separated, making informed decisions becomes difficult as you're only able to spot trends in each individual source. For example, customer data in a CRM system may be walled off from data about their purchases in a sales or accounting system. Preparing data sources has traditionally been an IT responsibility but most Business Intelligence solutions today provide a self-service data preparation model which reduces the burden on IT, while ensuring security & governance are at the core of the process.

Some of the datasources we work with

Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Data Explorer
Azure Datalake Gen1
Azure Datalake Gen2
Azure Database
for MySQL
Azure Database
for PostgreSQL
Azure SQL
Data Warehouse
Azure Search
SQL Database
Table Storage
Common Data
Service for Apps
Standard File System
Flat Files
Google BigQuery
HTTP Endpoint
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How We Can Help


Get immediate value from your data by creating business specific standards & formats

Data Quality

Improve data quality from the beginning of the process


Increase efficiency by creating re-usable transformation rules


Save time & money by automating a traditionally expensive & lengthy manual process

Business User Enablement

Give business users the ability to use powerful analytical insights without IT support