Business Intelligence as a Service

One Thumpingly Solid Solution

Traditional Reporting Just Doesn’t Cut It.

The days of spreadsheets and slides shows may well be behind us.  Although the data may be there and may be displayed, can you really get the insight you need from it?

Business Intelligence requires data from multiple sources, it needs integrating, cleaning and transforming before being loaded to a central source where you can report, with confidence.

There are a number of reporting tools on the market, that claim to be able to prepare your data, but can they really do the job?  In our experience the truth is nearly.  Close, but sadly, no cigar.  It takes a combination of hardware, software and expertise to really get the most from your data.  Meaningful insight and providing informed decisions are what BI is all about.

Do You Need BI as a Service ?

Business Intelligence as a Service is the quickest route to start to leverage the data you already have.

With our fast, highly secure, cutting edge technology we can get you reporting in no time.

Our model is secure and robust.  We utilise the power of the cloud for ETL / ELT and Warehousing with industry leading tech and hassle free services for one simple monthly price and no up-front fees.  With our no quibble service and flexible contract terms, we’ve got you covered.

Of course if you want to host on premise, we can advise and help put that together with you, or for you.


How’s does it stack up against doing it yourself ?

If you choose to build yourself a BI solution, there are a few things to consider.  Putting the cost to one side (we’ll come back to that) there is the time and resources that you’ll need, not just personnel, but physical hardware resources.  Even if you choose a hosting company to hold the kit for you, you still have those infrastructure costs, compute time, storage costs, administration costs, visualisation tool costs, consulting and development to name but a few.  Using BI as a Service means you don’t have these extra things to consider.  You’ve got a simple one stop shop for the whole lot.  “Oh and going back to the costs” – well, all those services cost money.  In a lot of cases you’re paying individual fees to several resources just to get your service running, before you have even started a single hour of development.

Not with Rhino BI as a Service.  It’s a monthly fee.  It covers everything you need to get going and carry on going.


So let’s make a comparison between BI as a Service and the DIY cost.

RequirementDescriptionRhinoIT BI as a ServiceEstimate DIY Costs
Data Centre Bandwidth, Compute Time, Environment, Power, Redundancy, SecurityIncluded£4k up front, + £1k per month
HardwareServers (ETL, DWH, Vis Tool) Storage, Network, Cables, FirewallIncluded£30k upfront + £1.5k monthly
SoftwareOS, Database License, ETL, DWH, Cube ?, Vis Tool LicenseIncluded£30k upfront + annual license fees
DevelopmentInitial data prep, solution Implementation and development, ongoing consultancyIncluded£40k+ Upfront + on going consulting costs
SupportSystem monitoring, backups, maintenance, end user supportIncluded£7-8k monthly
Single monthly fee£100k+ Upfront. £10k+ monthly and annual license fees.

Advantages of RhinoIT BI as a Service


By letting us do the work you will achieve BI success in the least amount of time possible. Our proven agile BI methodology and extensive use of automation mean you will start seeing results almost immediately.


Our licensing arrangements and economies of scale translate into a low total cost of ownership for you. With no up-front implementation fees and a fixed monthly rate you get predictable costs, avoiding surprise expenses down the road.


Business intelligence and data warehousing are notoriously difficult, but don’t have to be. We take care of everything, and our standard monthly pricing makes it easy to get started immediately without having to negotiate a statement of work.


When you opt for BIaaS we provide the same guidance and resources that our agile BI services clients receive, but with less risk. By personally handling all aspects of the solution we can ensure the entire solution meets our exacting standards and accomplishes your objectives.

Take the first step towards revolutionising your Business Intelligence

How does it work?

RhinoIT BIaaS combines industry leading software and tools with a stable, secure and highly scalable cloud based data warehouse infrastructure.  We add to this our unique agile BI development process.  We work with you to ensure that your data reporting needs are resolved, not as a single one off exercise, but as an ongoing program.  We build a relationship with you.  We are your one stop shop for BI.   This allows you to do the important stuff of running your business and making informed decisions.  We like to say ‘Evolution not Revolution’.  Your business, your data and your requirements never stop evolving, so your BI solution shouldn’t either.

Your custom solution will be hosted on Microsoft Azure and will utilise the very latest in ETL and ELT software.  We can ingest data from over 130 different sources and offer some of the fastest compute times available.  We will warehouse your data with Snowflake, providing super fast query execution and un-paralleled levels of support and services.  There is a large choice of visualisation tools out there, we can help you select the right one based on your requirements. We’ve worked with some of the best on the market, so our insight could be very useful to you. Of course if you wish to use your own, that’s not a problem, you’ll just need to provide the license, this is known as a BYOL (Bring Your Own License) solution.  All components, including software configuration, updates and performance tuning are managed by RhinoIT, but…it is your solution. You own it, if you want to bring it in house at any time, it’s a simple exercise.

Your BI as a Service Subscription Includes the following

  Persistent staging area (PSA)
  Data cleansing
  Data normalisation
  Data integration
  Data modelling
  Data transformation
  Data management

  Custom built reports
  Custom dashboards
  Push report distribution
  Custom alerts
  Data analysis
  White label

  All hardware and software provisioned and configured
  Unlimited data sources
  Program management
  Upgrades and updates
  Unlimited support
  Personal contact and development
  Complete portability

Get started today with RhinoIT BI as a Service


as little as £700* per month

Everything needed to get cracking

Solution designed and developed according to your requirement
Infrastructure provisioned, commissioned and configured
BI Solution developed.  ETL/ELT, Data Warehouse and Hosted Visualisation Tool
Unlimited BI Reports, Dashboards and Charts during the contract term
3 Days Training in the first year
Unlimited Data sources for reporting
Solution support, maintenance and administration
Multi-tenancy support
Personal Solution Consultant
10 User license for Visualisation tool

Take a 28-Day no-obligation test drive.  You'll see how we work and what we do.

Frequently Asked Questions


Drop us a note and we’ll get right back to you.


If you are not completely satisfied with any subscription you may cancel any time within the trial period and you will never be charged.


All subscriptions are negotiated with you, based on your license, storage and compute needs.


You may cancel, or even pause your subscription by contacting your account manager any time before the first day of the subscription month.


You may upgrade or downgrade your subscription simply by contacting your account manager at any time before the first day of the subscription month.


We’ll invoice for BIaaS at the start of each subscription month and you pay by bank transfer.


We’ll begin the discovery process immediately after you subscribe to BI as a Service.  Our proven agile BI development methodology is designed to deliver initial results quickly, eliminate long upfront requirements gathering, and remain flexible to accommodate changing needs.  In most cases we are able to deliver results within the first couple of weeks.  Unlike traditional BI projects, development will continue indefinitely as we continue to focus on your top priorities and work our way through your backlog of features and reports.


Our guiding principle is to provide you with the best solution for your specific needs. If your needs can be met with a simpler data solution in less time, we’ll start there. If a data warehouse is appropriate we will develop it regardless of the plan you choose.


In most cases, yes.  Of course some of the lesser know BI tools won't interface with some of the warehousing and ETL services we use to create the solution.  That said though, we're happy to take a look.  If we can make it work, we will.

* price based on known database technology and using YellowfinBI visualisation tool.