About RhinoIT

RhinoIT was started in 2002 by our head Rhino - Carl Edwards.

Over the years Carl has worked with a number of seasoned professionals on a host of projects in the public and private sectors. He's developed his own suite of software and hardware, selling them all over Europe. It was these relationships and a realisation that all businesses need the same level of IT service - just not necessarily the same quantity, that helped make the decision to launch RhinoIT.

We've got a simple mission - to provide IT services as and when they are needed.  That's what RhinoIT is all about; delivering what you need, when you need it.  We've got IT covered!

RhinoIT has provided professional services to businesses, government departments and individuals since the year 2002.  We've been there from inception through to delivery and support, providing core and adhoc services as they are needed.

RhinoIT is made up of a team of technicians, developers, consultants and analysts from all walks of industry.  We've worked together for years and have experience in many different enterprises, so the experience is vast and the skillset is extensive.

For a full range of IT services provided by professionals who have been in the business for over 30 years. Look no further than RhinoIT.

Carl Edwards - Head Rhino

(.....when he had hair)

The founder and driving force behind Rhino IT, Carl is very much involved in the day to day running of our paddock with a real passion for establishing trusted relationships with our partners, gaining a true understanding of their ongoing requirements, to provide proactive enhancements rather than reactive solutions.  Whichever of our services you're interested in, it's highly likely Carl will be directly involved along the way.